Monday, April 7, 2008

A Day at Ye' Ol' Medieval Faire

Ok, so as mentioned on Flashback Friday, this weekend was the annual Medieval Faire. Kevin and I went and had a blast!

After last years faire Kevin asked me if I would make outfits for us to wear and I said “sure.” However, due to lack of time over the summer (when I was planning on doing most of the sewing) and seeming to always be behind on schoolwork, I was afraid I wasn’t going to finish the costumes. So a couple of weeks ago I hit the thrift store and bought two button up the front shirts. I cut the buttons off and sewed the fronts of each shirt together almost all the way and made the rest of the front to be laced up. Then I paired my shirt with a bodice I made and the skirt I dyed over Spring Break and I made a doublet for Kevin to wear with his shirt (I didn’t get around to making pants). So anyway, it was enough of a costume for us…and some guy actually started asking Kevin some questions because he thought Kevin worked there. So I guess that means I did a good job on his outfit!

Anyway, we got up on Saturday meaning to leave around noon, but not getting on the road until almost 2. We drove to Norman and spent like 10 minutes just looking for a place to park. We ended up running into some friends just as we got there so we hung out with them for awhile. The Kevin and I say down to watch some of the SCA fighting. Then we got some drinks from McGilly Sassparilly, which is the most popular area there. They sell the drinks in these neat blueish/purple bottles and once you buy one the refills are pretty cheap. Every time someone tips one of the workers will hit the gong and yell “huzzah for the tipper!” Then we got a turkey leg and gnawed on that for a while. I always laugh about looking like a barbarian when eating a turkey leg…I have a picture to prove it, but I don’t feel like sharing it right now…

After eating we looked at the artist tents. I talked to one girl and she said she got her gypsy belt (I don’t really know how to describe it) for $12, and I wanted one so I was on a mission to find it. I found them for $25 and $30, so needless to say I didn’t get one. But we had fun looking at all the stuff. The clothes were the most amazing to look at, but boy are they a rip-off. A simple cotton peasant dress for $130?!? That’s pretty insane.

So it’s hard to write down how much fun we had, but I’m trying. I guess it all boils down to a day in the sun with the man I love seeing mermaids, mermen, pirates, gypsies, acrobatics, fighting (one actual fight as well as the scheduled events), food, wizard’s wine, and a lot of crazy interesting people.

Huzzah! One of the servers at McGilly Sassparilly. He was really nice and we ended up going through his line all three times :)

That guy is really cool, last year he carried around a giant mace

This girl dressed as a centaur or something like that last year, and looked totally neat.

This lady was funny. I asked if I could take her picture and she said "it's ok, I know you really just want a picture of the bird."

Well, I hope my writing isn't too hard to's getting kinda late. I'm trying to post a video of the acrobats, but it's taking a long time. Hopefully I'll have it up soon.


Addie Marie said...

Your costumes look awesome! Thanks for sharing all the pictures, this is right up my alley. :)

Sherry said...

Great costumes! When I lived in Wichita, Kansas Neuman College had a Ren. Fair every year. We had so much fun. We'd take the kids and go for the whole weekend. Great fun and entertainment!!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

We had Ren. Fest in March. I didn't dress up this year because it was already 90 degress out (I live in Florida). I felt really bad for the people who work the fest and have to dress up in layers of velvet or leather. They really should have it in fall when we have only 70 degree weather.

It looks like you had fun though.

When I move this fall, I get to go to Fairy Fest in Phoenix and I'm super excited about that.