Friday, April 4, 2008

Flashback Friday...14

WooHoo! Time for Flashback Friday! Ok, maybe it's not that exciting...but I think it is :)

This weekend I am going to the Medieval Faire! I actually need to be working on Kevin's costume...but I'll do it in a little while. Last year was the first year I went to the annual Medieval Faire, and it was tons of fun. I liked looking at peoples costumes, the medieval games, and the stuff people were selling. During high school I went on a gifted trip to the Renaissance Faire, and guess what...I have pictures!

The guy in purple played the role of king or something like that and the other guys did jousting and I don't remember what the guy in all black was.

The only real difference I can see between the Ren. Faire and the Medieval Faire (being someone not very educated on the subject) is boobage. There is more boobage at the Ren I tend to like the Medieval Faire more...

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Courtney said...

Haha, you said boobage!! Awesome!!