Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A New (Old) Store

I've mentioned before that I live in a town where I have to depend on Wal-Mart for fabric...all that changed yesterday. My dance teacher said something about finding some red fabric at the fabric store! My antennas went up :) I looked it up on the internet and found the address (the store is kind of in an unnoticed part of town) so today I visited the Stitch N Sew Outlet! It was really neat. The store is owned by a nice older woman and is full of all sorts remnants, buttons, zippers, lace, ribbon, and everything else...and cheap! I bought a yard of ribbon, 3/4 a yard of lace, 9 buttons, a spool of green thread, and a package of lace hem tape all for $2.07. I had so much fun and I plan on going back to the store as soon as I can and buy some more ribbon, thread, fabric, and some zippers. WooHoo! I just can't believe I've missed out on two and a half years of not knowing that store was there...


rattytatty@fsmail.net said...

Could be worse you could still not know its there. What a great find
I have spent all day contacting everyone who used to enter my blog competitons before I was ill. To say
Im back, the comps are back and i hope you'll come back
yours tracey

Jelly Wares said...

Great find... I bet you'll be a regular now..

Jodie ;)