Thursday, April 10, 2008

Flashback Friday...15

(I actually posted this on Friday, I don't know why it ways Thursday...)

Today's Flashback Friday is The Box Part 1.

My church has an event each year for Halloween, only they call it a "Fall Festival." Well in 2000 they decided to have a theme which was nerds. Everyone was supposed to come dressed like a nerd. So I thought about going with the usual plaid shirt, calculator in the pocket, glasses taped together kind of thing but decided that was to boring. I then got the idea of going as a box of nerds! So my dad found me this box and we cut holes in it and I covered it in paper and painted it to look like a box of took awhile, but I was pretty proud of the results!

Everyone there said I should win the contest because my costume was the most original...but nope. My sister, the hit-and-run victim and a lady who dresses as a gypsy won. How unfair is that?!? But anyway, I was still proud of my costume and ended up keeping it in my closet until...(tune in next Friday to find out) Heh...


Courtney said...

I felt bad about winning because you should have won. I just hated the theme and wanted to do my own thing. I think that yours was probably the coolest costume I've ever seen.

The Random Muse said...