Friday, April 11, 2008

Music is his language

I was looking at a news story my dad had sent me a link to when another story to the side caught my eye. It was about Derek, a twenty-eight year old man who is what many would call a musical genius. What's so different about Derek is he can play every song he's ever heard, but his brain is like that of a three year old's brain. I watched the eight short videos about Derek and I am captivated by him. He lives such a simple, happy life and doesn't know that he is "missing out" on anything...maybe he's not the one missing something. His story reminds me of a nonfiction short story I read 5 years ago about a girl who's brother was mentally challenged and believed that God lived under his bed. Most people tend to look at people like that as not having a full life and almost in pity that they aren't like us...but I think they're living better lives then we are. To Derek the world is music and that's all that matters, so why care about not being able to fasten a button, and maybe God does live under our beds.

To hear more about Derek. Click to watch to first story and the other videos will follow if you let it keep playing.

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Courtney said...

Is he a pianist? You didn't say what he plays the music on.

Was the story Dad sent about Chuck Norris?