Sunday, April 13, 2008

I spend way to much time on Etsy

I've spent most of the weekend on Etsy getting ideas. I like to look at things other people are make as inspiration for my work. I actually look more at the sold items because that means that somebody out there wants items like that...

I started at A Very Mary Design, and I actually made some gift tags using hers as a guide (pictures at a later date.)

Then I did a lot of general searches for gift tags to see what other people had. I found digital paperie, This mother-daughter team make and sell a lot of classy tags.

Then I moved on to soap- I think there was a photo on the home page that caught my eye. I found oh that ashley; this young lady makes cute zipper pouches and even cuter soap.

Then there was buttons, Charlie Brown mini envelopes, and like a thousand other things. Somehow I landed on hats...the most amazing hats in the world by Noxenlux Chapeaux. I want one of the hats sooo bad, but they are way out of my price range. So I thought "I could make one" then after about 5 minutes of staring at the picture I thought "no I can't" :( My favorite is this pirate hat.

Then I found Maria Pozo. She's got some really neat corsets, spats, etc.

That's where I stopped last night, but then I jumped on Etsy again today and what is showcased on the homepage...steampunk! If you don't know what steampunk is then you need to get out more...just kidding. I discovered steampunk a few weeks ago, I think on the threadbanger forum. I googled it and tried to find out more about it. From what I understand it is Victorian meets the Industrial Revolution with a little Lolita thrown in at times. The style involves a lot of mini gears and such. So I searched steampunk and looked at all 131 pages (and there are 21 results per do the math it was a lot). I found some pretty cool stuff and some lame stuff too. My favorite is Charlatte Creations; she's pretty much my new hero! Pictured is a necklace pendent.

Ok, last one I promise. I found Bayou Salvage, two ladies who make some neat stuff from repurposed materials. They make some really cool cuffs like I have never seen before, but I'm totally going to make a few. I have a love for keys but can never seem to find any neat ones that aren't out of my price range.

Wow, this is turning into a ReaLLY long post...I hope you found some of these things as inspiring as I have. I actually had to make a separate section in my bookmarks just for Etsy because there got to be too many :)


Sherry said...

You won the fabric squares on my giveaway. I just need you to email me your mailing info.


Heidi ( said...

Hi Whitney!
Thanks for the comment on my blog. ATC's are "Artist Trading Cards". You can google them to get more information. They are just playing card sized cards that any artist of any media puts their art on, then trades. They are never to be sold and they are open to any art media. I've done some trading, buy my preference for trading is tags! Gives me more freedom with what I'm doing.

Congrats on your internship with a TV station for the summer. Very cool! Our younger daughter is just finishing up her 3rd year of college. She'll be home for summer in just a couple weeks, yay!

Take care.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

That was fun soap! And I loved the boots.

Check out Savor on etsy. She has a bag of little gummie bear soaps that is the cutest!