Monday, May 5, 2008

Break before Finals

Somehow I got lucky and get a five day weekend! It's finals week for everyone else, but the only two finals I have are on Thursday and Friday! So I came home to relax a while.

Every time I come home there is a pile of mail waiting...that's what happens when you don't go home for two months :) In the mail was: two pairs of underwear, a notice from the credit card company, a bank statement, something from my sis, and a locks of love newsletter.

1) You may be wondering why I got underwear in the mail. Well...every Wednesday Hanes has a giveaway of 500 pairs of underwear and I've won twice! (I entered the second time before I knew I had won.) You can go here to enter.

2) I've mentioned before that I don't have a credit card, which is why I don't have an Etsy store, so you can imagine my surprise when I open a letter and read that my interest rates are changing. I frantically called my mom because I thought someone had gotten a hold of my info and was scamming me. Come to find out it was from when I signed up for something at school it was actually a credit card application, but it wasn't clearly stated...yea, I got taken :( But look at the upside, I might end up using that card to open a shop. I will have to be very careful and not miss a payment though because the late fees and interest rates are crazy high.

3) Bank statement...I need to balance my checkbook...

4) When sis gets mail she doesn't want then I get it! (It was something cool, not junk mail.)

5) I'm going to cut my hair and give it to locks of love as soon as it's long enough. I'm almost there!

So after posting the video last week on 40s hair I tried it out. The bad thing is that I never found sponge rollers and it was really late when I did it. Since I didn't have the rollers I only did the bangs part. So excuse how bad I look and remember that it was only the first try :)

*Edit* I just noticed how off-centered it is.


Courtney said...

It was hard to see the liquid and there were a lot of people around the cards since Mother's Day is in a week. Wal-Mart employees didn't seem to care about safety so we stuck around to warn people. I'm actually in the process of writing the headquarters to inform them.

How short are you cutting your hair? The bangs pic looked cool.

MaryCatherine said...

I still want to try that! where did you find your "rat" ? I think it's so weird that they called their rollers that...Have fun at home! :)

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

A neat trick is to call the credit card company semi-often and tell them you are going to close the account for another company with lower rates unless they lower yours. We get ours lowered a little bit every three or four months that way.

And having a credit card is good if you are responsible - because it helps establish credit (I work in mortgages and real estate so I know) and someday when you go to buy a house you won't have credit without one. It stinks I know.