Sunday, July 6, 2008

100 More Things

In April I made a list of 100 different things about me. I have decided that it's time to make another list...

1. I spilled a ton of tiny, uncooked pasta today.
2. We will probably still be cleaning it up when we move to the new house.
3. I haven't told mom yet...hi mom :)
4. After my last list my mom sent me a card with a list of 10 things in it.
5. It was so sweet.
6. I cried when I read it.
7. I have to wear a uniform to work.
8. It consists of boots, a bandanna, and a cowboy hat.
9. My latest favorite song is "More Than a Memory".
10. My new camera should come in the mail tomorrow!
11. Current read: When Calls the Heart
12. I went swimming today.
13. It was a lot of fun.
14. I miss interning :(
15. I'm a nerd and am watching the news right now.
16. For the third time today.
17. It's pretty much the same news every time...
18. My parents got hit by a deer today.
19. Yep...the deer hit them while they were driving.
20. They said it messed up the side of the car pretty bad.
21. I want to ride a horse again!
22. I haven't done any crafting in a long time.
23. I'm having crafting withdraws...
24. I think I'll do some sewing after I finish this.
25. I just saw a commercial for Subway's chicken salad sandwich.
26. It looks gross.
27. My facebook status: Whitney has no life and is spending her only day off at home alone eating mac and cheese...HELP!
28. I'm one of those people who fill out all the MySpace surveys.
29. I kind of like lists.
30. I make to-do lists, books-to-read lists, books I've read lists, movies-to-watch lists, and many more.
31. I'm trying to watch all the movies on the AFI top 100 list.
32. I have 79 movies to go.
33. It could take a while because Gone With the Wind is on the list.
34. I refuse to watch Gone With the Wind before I read the book.
35. My book reading isn't going very far.
36. I want candy.
37. How many of ya'll just sang the song in your head when you read that??
38. How 'bout now?? :)
39. I want to make this skirt.
40. I found a pair of pants that I want to use.
41. I'm going to buy them tomorrow if they're still there.
42. Tomorrow they will be half price at the consignment store.
43. *Sigh* He's cute.
44. My world has more then one blog.
45. I'm still not sure if I like my short hair or not.
46. But it's ok, because locks of love is a good cause.
47. I really don't like folding laundry.
48. I do not iron except when I'm sewing.
49. The trick is to put the article of clothing on a couple of hours early and let the wrinkles fall out.
50. My mom doesn't like when I do that.
51. This list is harder then the first one.
52. I feel like I'm repeating some things from the first one.
53. There is nothing good on tv on Sunday nights when you only get local programming.
54. I was told two weeks ago that I should be a model.
55. It was the noon show anchor who told me.
56. I would totally go on America's Next Top Model if it didn't involve some kind of risky' photo shoots.
57. There is something under my house.
58. I can hear it.
59. I have to go to work tomorrow.
60. Day 1 of a 6 day work week.
61. I'm a fan of Project Runway.
62. During my intersession class I spent 4 days watching 3 sessions on youTube.
63. Corinne from Threadbanger is trying out for the next session!
64. It's a bummer that I have to wait for someone to upload each episode before I can watch it.
65. I've designed a clothing series...kind of a twist on Steampunk.
66. My friend Blair is doing some sketches for it.
67. I'm planning on making the collection partly from scratch and the rest will be reconstructed.
68. I'm wanting to use the clothes to do a photo shoot for a senior project.
69. I have a guy and a girl willing to model the collection!
70. I just found another survey on MySpace to fill out :)
71. I'll come up with the rest later....
72. Ok, I'm back :)
73. I just successfully made a pair of shorts from a t-shirt.
74. And no there won't be a picture.
75. They are to wear underneath skirts and such things.
76. I found some fabric tonight that I forgot I had.
77. I think I'll try to make a skirt from it in the morning before work.
78. I'm a big fan of classic country music.
79. I guess that goes along with all my other strange tastes like the Lawrence Welk show, Happy Days, and collecting 8-tracks.
80. This list isn't near as cool as the first one.
81. I sing while I swim.
82. I also sing in the car and the shower.
83. My dad and I will go through stages where we have a song for everything that is said.
84. Last Saturday at work was one of those times.
85. I have my library card number memorized.
86. It was my log-in when I used to worked at the library.
87. <--that's the year I was born.
88. I was supposed to be born in '86, but I was late :)
89. My favorite food is potato soup.
90. No matter how hard I try it never turns out as good as mom's.
91. I'm nervous about being the costumer for the theatre department.
92. What if I'm not good enough??
93. I haven't taken Costuming yet.
94. I love to doodle stars.
95. I have a mix tape for whenever I see something funny, cool, etc. on tv.
96. I've filled up 10+ mix tapes over time.
97. "'s a beast."
98. That was the last line in the show I just watched.
99. That's a really cool quote.
100. Quotes I like is another list that I have.

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Addie Marie said...

This list is awesome. :)

And I memorized my library card number too.