Sunday, August 10, 2008

Back to sewing

It's been a pretty long and dry summer for my crafting, but today I broke the dry spell! It all started last night when I found a tutorial for a reversible headband over on the long thread. This morning at church I was digging through my purse and discovered the perfect fabric to use to make work bandannas. (Ok...I really used the ones from last year.) So after lunch I found a red bandanna and a blue one and set to work. In less then 20 minutes I had a cool new accessory to wear to work that goes with my uniform :)

**Remember how I am a confirmed cat lady?!? Well this cat heard the rumor that we are the damaged cat refuge and headed our Bentley. He has a knot in his tail :)

(Thank you mom for taking the pics of my headband and for distracting Bentley long enough for me to take his picture)

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