Tuesday, August 5, 2008


As I've mentioned before I work at an outdoor amphitheatre where a western musical is performed 6 nights a week. It's my second year to work there. Last year there was a man named Thomas who came about 3 nights a week. He was a nice guy who LOVED the shows! He would always take pictures of the cast in the "Thomas pose" and at the end of the session made a sort of collage for each performer.

We could always tell that there was something a little different about Thomas but we were never sure what it was. After thinking about it for quite a while I think that he has mild autism. Anyway, this year I was looking forward to seeing Thomas again (I knew he would be there because he'd been coming for the last 10 years.) On My first day back I looked for his reservations and found none. This worried me and Sarah (another gal who worked the ticket office with me last year). We were afraid that something bad had happened to Thomas. Then two Saturdays ago Thomas called! He told us that he had to move an hour away and had broken his foot and that's why he hadn't been able to come. He's trying really hard to find someone to bring him on the last two nights of the season...I wish I didn't have to work those nights or I would go pick him up. Thomas wanted to know if we could get a playbill signed by the cast and mail it to him. Sarah and I got a playbill signed and took pictures to send to him. So today on my way to work I'm dropping by the post office to send a care package to Thomas :) I'm sending a card from me and Sarah, the signed playbill, a unsigned playbill, a brochure, a bandanna, and 15 pictures.

The Thomas pose

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i am very mary said...

That is such a sweet story:) And you are such a sweet gal!