Friday, August 22, 2008

Summer Wrap-up

In case you haven't noticed I'm back at school now. This means no more working 6 nights a week. It also means I have more time to sew and watch movies. It's nice to have the time to relax, but I miss work and my friends.

Every night after I finished up in the ticket office I got to see some portion of the musical(s)...but there was always parts that I never got to see, like the pre-show (until I found some of it on youTube yesterday!). One night when Sarah came to watch the show she filmed the song Kansas City for me because I never got to see it! Thank you Sarah, I miss you!

One of my favorite parts of Oklahoma is the "Oklahoma Hello." So on the last night I broke out my camera and filmed it. Warning: my camera quality is crummy!

These photos are some that I've posted on facebook in my "Behind the Scenes..." album :) They are in no particular order.

Our pony girl

The town social in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

The youngest brother with some fans

Some of the brothers and the family of the girl who played Millie

Me and dream Curly

The guy we called Johnny Cash because he always had a guitar slung on his back

Some of the cast on the last night

Some of the cast posing for their families to take pictures

The final pose from Oklahoma, and I managed to capture the gunfire

Curly signing an autograph for a kiddo

The sound guy...Buddy's owner

From Seven Brides in response to who's baby it is

*sigh* I miss summer!

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Rasberryswrlgirl said...

It sounds like you had a really cool summer and a very fun job.