Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thrifty Shopping

Yesterday I hit the thrift stores in town again! I found some pretty good finds. At the Salvation Army I got three hardback books for $.50 each...one to read and two for cutting up :) I picked up a cute shirt that is junior size, but since it was in the kids section I only had to pay the kids price of $.50. I also found a really cute pair of shoes for $.40.

Then I headed over to Wise Old Crazy Owl Thrift Store (I really don't know the name of it, but I know if includes Wise and Owl). There I picked up 13 yards of 3/8" pink lace for $.25, score! I got 4.5 yards of white lace for $.25 and some some flowered ribbon for $.25. I also got a small spool of thread and a box of 1/2" length thumbtacks for free! I'm going to use the thumbtacks for some message boards I'm going to make by covering foam board with fabric and putting it into interesting picture frames.

So here's some pictures...and no the shoes aren't too small, I just had a hard time getting in front of the camera before the timer went off. (I lost my camera remote at the fair or picture taking would be much easier.)

Oh, and I learned how to square dance today in skills class!


MaryCatherine said...

LOVE the shoes! you always find such neat stuff. I had plans to hit up the Goodwill today...but Isabella had OTHER plans :)

Courtney said...

OMG, that shirt and those shoes are so cute!!!!!! I cannot believe you paid less than $1 for both combined. Great job.

~~**Skye**~~ said...

Gorgeous Shoes! They combine 2 of my fave things... wedged heels and polka dots! Well done and thanks for sharing -- i cant wait to see what your etsy shop will contain