Monday, September 15, 2008

Photography and Prayers

This summer I posted about Buddy the little pup who belongs to Jon the sounds guy at work. Well...Buddy has a new owner for three months while Jon is in Iraq. Jon left last Thursday to serve for our country. Now I don't care what your views are on the war, the president, camo, the Middle East, camels, or sand. All I care about is that all of our service men and women come home safely when the time comes. So I'm asking that everyone who reads says a little prayer for all of our troops. I've been praying for as long as I can remember, but now that Jon is in Iraq every time I think about him I say a little pray. So basically I've prayed more lately then I have in a long time :) I've also been praying for a friend of mine who I went to high school with. I found out on Wednesday that he is in Iraq right now. So please pray for my friend James as well.

So since I've been praying and thinking about Jon I decided to make him the subject of my latest photo editing practice.

On this set of photos I wanted to practice emphasising. I used the edge finding tool to "cut out" Jon and then copy and pasted it directly on top of the original. Then with the top layer clicked I chose the emphasis function and tried some different options. The first is the original, second is with a blurred background, third is B&W background, and the last one is sepia.

This second set is playing with coloring. I make the entire photo B&W or sepia then use the transparency tool (or in photoshop make two layers and erase the top one) to show through what I want in color. The first picture is the original and the second is highlighting his blue eyes and his precious OU camo hat.

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