Monday, September 15, 2008


I mentioned months ago that I want to do some swaps...and I just signed up for my first two!

The first one I found is a button swap (I actually found it a day late, but the host Mandy is cool enough to let me in anyway). The swap is to send at least 20 buttons to your assigned swap partner and then you will get at least 20 in return. They can be old or new, big or blue...ok, I made that up...but really, it's for any type of buttons.

The second swap is one off of swap-bot. The swap is to send 5 handmade envelopes to your swap partner. I made mine tonight from pages out of a 1974 Sports Encyclopedia that I got at the thrift store last month for $.50. I plan on including a few extra envelopes because it's fun to make them :)

I'm really excited to get my assigned partners so I can start a-swappin' :)

(Anyone else notice that my writing skills are getting worse?? That's pretty sad, but I'm going to assume it's because I'm using them so much on my I said, assume it.)