Friday, September 12, 2008


There are a number of blogs I frequent on a daily basis. Today I realized that I'm enjoying these blogs everyday, but haven't shared them with others so more people can enjoy them. So that's what I want to do today.

My absolute favorite blog is Mary Ann's. She is an English teacher in Ohio who is too stinkin' crafty for her own good :)

Another favorite is Mary Catherine's blog. She is a Navy wife and mother to an adorable little girl. Mary Catherine is my age...and it's a big deal to find a blogger my age with similar interests :)

Next is Resurrection Fern (I do not know the writer's name). I believe she lives on Prince Edward Island, or near it (PEI is where Anne of Green Gables takes place!) She always has very beautiful and neat pictures to look at and lots of knitting/crocheting how-tos.

There is Shane and Kelly on Trans-craft-inental. These two ladies live on opposite ends of the U.S. and share a blog with each other and for us to read about their lives and crafting endeavors.

Whip up is a blog I really enjoy! It is full of how-to's and tutorials from many different blogs and websites. If you are ever low on inspiration for a project, just check this site out.

A blog I found yesterday seems to have a lot of promise. It is a relatively new blog called East Coast, West Coast. It is four mutual friends; two live on the East Coast and two on the West Coast. One of the East Coast girls is a Independent designer I found on a livejournal community a few years ago. She has amazing sewing skills and amazing style.

I visit MANY other blogs, just not every day...I do have to do homework at some point, you know?? Anyway, I hope you find a new blog to enjoy and if anyone reading this has a blog you think I would like then please let me know :) I hope to share more of my favorite sites in the future.

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MaryCatherine said...

Aww shucks! I look at your blog every day too! my hubby always makes fun of me, he says the first thing i do in the morning is roll over and reach for my lap top and check all my bloggy friends. It' funny that you mentioned the PEI blog...I have been shopping on Amazon for a new copy of Anne of Green Gables..mine has bitten the dust!