Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Ok, everyone remembers Hanson, right?? I wasn't really a fan of Hanson back in the 90s because I didn't like listening to music back then...but things change. Now I can't live without music and I "discovered" Hanson back in May.

About now you are probably wondering what the heck is my point. Well hang on... I grew up in the Tulsa area in a town near where the Hanson brothers lived and their first television appearance was on KOTV (the station where I interned this summer). So when Quiktrip, a Tulsa based company, wants to celebrate their 50 year anniversary who do they have as the big name stars of an all day concert?? HANSON! And...Quiktrip is cool enough to make the concert free! I just found out about the concert and emailed my parents begging asking them to go to a Quiktrip and get me some tickets. I'm super excited and really hope they get me the tickets. So mom and dad if you are reading this...please!

For real people Hanson has moved beyond MmmBop and has come out with some really cool stuff.

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Branson Family Man said...

Say no more...........I just picked up 4 tickets for ya......Dad