Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Showing my age

Hanson was popular when I was in elementary and middle school. That was back when I didn't listen to music, so I didn't know much about them except they sang Mmm Bop and were from an Oklahoma town near mine and there was a "Got Milk" poster in the cafeteria with their picture. By the time I began to like Mmm Bop it was considered nerdy to like Hanson. I haven't really thought about them in the last 10 or so years until today. I happened on to a blog that had video clips of the blogger doing a segment on KOTV so I hit youtube looking for other KOTV clips to share. Somehow I found this video of Hanson on the morning show from 1995, two years before they really made it big time. Even though the quality totally stinks it's so cute!

After a little more searching I found out that the brothers are 23, 25, and 27 now. All are married and the latest thing I could find said the middle brother has 3 kids...that's crazy! They seem to be pretty cool guys nowadays. And gosh darn it, they're kind of cute now. For some reason I was thinking that at least the youngest Hanson boy was younger then me, but I guess not. So I have a new favorite song off Hanson's tenth year album This Time 'Round called If Only.

(I wanted to post the actual music video, but the embedding was disabled, but it can be found here.) And why is it that spell check recognizes Hanson, but not other things like internship?!? My email speak check refuses to say that internship is a word.

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Rasberryswrlgirl said...

They are still all so baby-faced.