Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Grand Tour

I mentioned about a month ago that I got an internship with KOTV and today I got went up there to get some paperwork done and was taken around on the "grand tour" of the place. I got to meet some of the anchors, reporters, photojournalists, producers, and a ton of other people! I saw Craig Day; he's the guy I job shadowed for a day 3 years ago. He actually put in a good word for me that basically guaranteed me the internship.

While I'm interning I will go to the morning meeting where the assignments are given. Then I get to choose who I want to go on assignment with. I will also be working with the editors and by the end of the internship will have made a few packages from start to finish to put on a resume' tape. Some days I will be working at the assignment desk or the teleprompter or whatever else they want to put me at :) Most of the time during the noon show I will be sitting in the control room at the director's spot (during the morning and noon show there is one guy doing tech. director and director, instead of having two people like during the evening news casts).

It was a lot of fun going around the news station. Everyone I met was really nice. I can't wait for June so I can get started!

<-Craig Day

<- Me and Craig

<- Photo I found of a morning show crafting segment from a few years ago

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