Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thrifty thrifty

Over the past couple of days I've been doing some thrift store shopping! Yesterday I went to a store a friend told me about called Wise Owl 2 or Wise Old Owl 2 or something like that. I found a pair of funky pale pink Justin roper boots for .99 and a oldish copy of Anne of Green Gables (it's my 4th or 5th copy) for .50. The boots are going to be used in a project I'm working on...then who knows, I might decoupage part of them.

Then I went to the Salvation Army and got a giant old picture from for .25 and a sewing step-by-step book for .50. (Picture frame not pictured because I left it in the car...I didn't want any more weird looks while carrying my purchases across campus.)

Today I went to the Salvation Army...mainly to find some old junk that can be taken apart for a Steampunk Halloween costume. I asked one of the workers what they did with old clocks and junk they get that doesn't work, the answer was "we throw it away." So I told her about my idea and she said she would tell this other lady to try to save me some stuff! While there I bought an old army jacket that was marked $3 but I got it 25% off and a bag of ribbon and fabric pens for .25. I also got 2 1.5 Liter bottles of peach iced tea for free.

Then I headed off to Wise Old Owl or whatever, but this is a different store. This is store 1 instead of 2. It was the coolest place ever. I got 4 sewing patterns from the 60s (which happen to be my size...) for .10 each, a roll of plaid wallpaper and a roll of pirate map wrapping paper at .25 for both (will be used for wrapping packages), an old picture frame for .25, and a needlecraft thing that has a picture printed on fabric for embroidering for .25. However there is some discoloring on the fabric...I'm not sure if it's ok to hand wash it or what's best to take the spots out. Anyone have any advice on that??

I'm so proud of my finds!


Janet said...

You go Girl, I'm jealous. You could probably wash that fabric, maybe test a little spot first. If you find any cool cheap cowboy boots my size, call me.

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

Great finds! I love thrift store shopping.

Greta Adams said...

dang it racked up!!