Tuesday, October 7, 2008

17 and Counting

You may recognize the title...it's from the TLC show about the Dugger family. I happening onto the show last night and watched two episodes of it. I originally switched over to it because I've seen the Duggers twice at Silver Dollar City and was talking about them to my parents this past weekend.

I started watching the show and I love it! It's weird how normal the family seems to me. They have planned and worked out everything. They have a way of living with 17 kids (and 1 on the way) that seems almost easy. Makes me want to get married and have a million kids and home school all of them...ok, just kidding...a little :)

The two episodes I saw last night were about the oldest boy getting engaged. He met this girl Anna at a home school thing in Texas like 3 years ago and thought it was love at first sight. He went back home and prayed about her for 2 years and felt very sure that she was the "one." He called her dad and asked for her hand in marriage, drove to Florida to ask her to marry him, she said "yes", then they started courting. It was a little odd because the kids say they want to court instead of date and that the parents don't push it on them, but then in the next shot the parents would be talking about how they would allow them to hold hands before marriage, but not kiss. I makes me wonder if the kids really do have a choice or not, but none the less, they do seem to be happy. It was funny how even thought the oldest boy is 21 and his fiancé is 20 they are not allowed to be together without at least one chaperon...and they draw names for who gets to chaperon.

As odd and different the way the Dugger family lives their life; I like it. I'm going to continue to watch the show to keep up with their family. Anyway, enough of my rambling about other people's families :)

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Saucy said...

I've never seen nor heard of this show but you have intrigued me... 17 kids and you spotted them in a store? Like celebrities? I wonder if 17 is just a tad too many.

A glance at my world said...

I saw them at Silver Dollar City (a theme park) twice! It was the entire family and it's really cute because they wear matching polos when they go on big outings :)

Carol VR said...

I wish I got that channel. They intrigue me.