Friday, October 3, 2008

A Year in 200 Posts

For my 1 year blog anniversary and my 200th post I decided to look back at my first year of blogging...and host a giveaway...chill out though, that comes at the last.

Last October I became a blogger after enjoying A Very Mary Design and My House is Cuter Then Yours. The purpose of my blog was to show my crafting and thrifting to my family. The original name of the blog was Crafting Cutie; it started out kind of lame with crappy photos...but it got better.

In the last year I changed the name of my blog from Crafting Cutie to A Glance at My World, learned to knit, won like 7 giveaways, edited 97,854* photos, took 525,394* photos, sewed 59* zipper bags, made 362* trips to the thrift store, got Adsense for my blog, discovered Threadbanger, met Elvis, turned 21, had 21 Flashback Fridays, hosted my first giveaway, started the buildin' a house series (the house is almost done...then there will be some more photos. Mom banned me from posting pics when it got close to being completed), got 2 new babies (lappy and camera), mentioned Kevin 20 times, said KOTV/Craig Day who knows how many times, discovered the fabric outlet store in town, wrote 2 100 item lists, talked about Silver Dollar City on 13 or more occasions, became a fan of Hanson, bought a 50 year old sewing machine and table for $5, cut my hair for locks of love, went horseback riding for the 1st and 2nd time, annoyed the cats by taking 976* photos of them, made lots of new friends and got reacquainted with some old ones this summer, got a credit card, started getting paid to sew, finally made the skirt I promised Mary Ann many moons ago, got two job offers (producer at KOTV and costumer for the place I've worked the last two summers), had the first person I've known go to Iraq, opened my etsy shop, met Hanson, revamped my $5 sewing machine cabinet, and participated in my first 2 swaps...and I've blogged about all of it and more in 200 posts!

**Some of my numbers may be a little off... :) **

That took forever to do all those links, so please at least click a few of them.

Ok, now on to the giveaway. I would like to show my appreciation to everyone out there who has ever read, skimmed, glanced at, or looked at the pictures on my be quite honest I don't really read many blogs, I look at the pictures. For those of you who have checked out GenerationGap you probably saw the zipper bags for sale. When I first decided to host a giveaway I was just going to use one of the bags I hadn't posted yet on etsy...but then I decided I wanted to make one just for this. So today I sat down and made a fun little bag from some secondhand fabric (I think it was in a box mom got at a garage sale a long time ago).

The fabric is red with green, pink, and yellow palm trees. The bag is lined with a marble-ish tan and white fabric. The bag measures 5.75" X 5.5". For a chance to win leave a comment telling what your favorite post or subject is on my blog. Also please tell your friends/blog buddies so they can enter to win. Good luck to everyone and thanks for reading my blog :)

The giveaway will be open until midnight in Oklahoma (I don't know what time zone I'm in) on Friday, October 10th.


Courtney said...

Central Time


Saucy said...

Ummm.... what? I mean, pardon? You became a fan of Hanson? I'm going to have to check this out. Don't you know that it's all about the Jonas Brothers now?

Carol VR said...

Count me in...

i am very mary said...

Ha! What a great post! So clever!