Saturday, November 24, 2007


I want to wish my awesome boyfriend a very happy birthday! He's becoming an old man...ok, he's not really that old, but he's older then me so I can tease him :) Anyway, if you read this Kevin, I hope you have a wonderful day and I love you so much!

Now onto other things. As you may recall I mentioned that I was going to learn to knit...well with the help of my mom (BTW thanks mom for helping me!) and this free handout from Hobby Lobby

I was able to learn to knit in about 15 minutes! it may not look like much but it's knitting and I'm still practicing. The only yarn we had around the house was the fluffy, fru fru kind and some recycled yarn from an old sweater. I started with the fluffy yarn and made something that could be considered a bookmark (it's that right size, that's all that matters) and now I'm using the recycled yarn to make a scarf. The problem with that is since it is recycled the patterned on the sweater caused the yarn to go from thin to larger is a consistent pattern that makes my scarf look a little strange. Oh will be fine for a beginner project. Pics to come of the outcome.

I just finished watching Anne of Avonlea. It has such a great ending, I watched it a few times. I'm such a huge Anne fan (opps...that rhymed) that this is the background on my desktop.

*Sigh* I want that to be a picture of my life.

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