Thursday, October 23, 2008


Last night was opening night for The Foreigner.  It went well.  The audience laughed a lot and seemed to really enjoy the play.  The crowd favorites were Ellard- a southern young man who is considered to be stupid, and Charlie- the actual "foreigner".  

The costumes looked good!  So Angela and I feel like our first costuming job went well!  There was only one incident and it wasn't even a real problem.  One of the guys came up to me and said "is my robe still down in the shop??"  about three minutes before the Klan was to go onstage.  I asked him if he was serious and I ran like crazy down to the shop to look.  I didn't find it...when I ran back up to the stage the guy was putting on a robe and he said "Oh, I found it."  I thought he had been just pulling my leg, but he told me later that he really couldn't find it at first.

We have three more performances to make it through and then strike (where we take the set apart and put everything back where it goes) then we can all have a life again.  I'll try to get some pictures posted that I took backstage.  Angela and I have spent so much time in the costume shop making Klan hoods and robes for this play and doing research to make everything look right.  I've learned a lot more about the Klan then I ever wanted to know...

Well...I'm off to finish my Halloween costume because I might be wearing it tonight to Club Alt (an event put on by a church in town as a safe alternative where college students can hang out instead of going to a club.)

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