Friday, November 7, 2008

Catch up

You know you've been neglecting your blog when it's at the bottom of the recent sites list. I tend to post pictures on flickr and forget to update the blog. So...right now I'm in two swaps. A matchbox swap that just ended and a whimsy jar swap. Right now I just have pictures of the matchbox swap. We were supposed to decorate one matchbox and fill with goodies for our partner (risky since I'm not supposed to have matches or matchboxes in the dorms). I read on my partners profile on swap-bot that she likes mini sewing kits, so I ended up making her a mini sewing kit and a regular matchbox. Then I put them into a little bag I made from scrap fabric and into a recycled/recovered envelope with a little note (on a hand stamped notecard-I carved the stamp too) and a business card for my etsy shop.

I finally got around to taking some good photos of a set of 5 postcards I made a year ago. I used illustrations from Captain Horatio Hornblower in a Readers Digest book from the 1960s. (I had to resize the photos weird, so if you click on them they come up clearer.)

I've been working on some cards lately, but no photos yet.

As for "real" life...I'm writing papers, reading plays, drawing floor plans, and about to start costuming for Cinderella. I will be auditioning for it as well...but I'm not sure how well that's going to go :/ Anyway, that's about it for now...and Mary Ann rocks :)


Saucy said...

I'm intrigued by the idea of the matchbook swap. It sounds fun, and small and cute.

Courtney said...

ECU is doing Cinderalla?? Awesome. I bet you are going to design some gorgeous ball gowns.