Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just call me Granny

I realized tonight just how odd I am. I've been drinking hot tea with honey before I go to bed each night. I'm planning on finished the quilt I've been working on over Thanksgiving or Christmas break. I call college students "kids". I too sentimental for my own good. And there's a freakin' afghan on my bed! If I read that somewhere I would swear it was talking about a grandma, not a college student.

Anyway, I went to a lecture tonight (on my own free will and ended up regretting it)...however while I was there the dean of the department asked for a business card because he wants to buy one of my hats for his daughter!, I never realized how much we were alike until now. Angela and I are considering renting a table at a local craft show on the 6th. The table is only $10 and we can share it. Angela wants to sell the hats she crochets and I want to sell some of my newsboy hats, zipper bags, and some brooches I've been making from scrap fabric. This craft show endeavor made me think of the craft shows we used to go to, mom :)

I'm going to go make some tea...

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