Saturday, December 6, 2008

5:46 am

Well, I guess now a good time to update the ol' blog. It is 5:46 am on Saturday. I have to be up and ready to go to the craft fair at 7:45 am. Why you might ask am I up at 5:46 5:48?? Because the fire alarm is going off in my door building. So I'm taking refuge in the hallway of another dorm instead of standing outside in the below freezing temperature.

I ended up with 23 or 24 items for the craft fair (not as many as I wanted to have, but I had to detour a lot for homework last week). Angela has about half a million items :) We went last night to check the place out, and it's pretty cool, not quite as big as we thought it would be, but we do get a larger table then we originally thought.

Well, it's you know where you're children are?? Just kidding. I'm going to try to write a paper know...

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