Sunday, December 7, 2008

Finally recovering

Ok, so Friday night the fire alarm ended up going off for an hour...and the fire department never showed up. At about 6:30 am I thought it had stopped, so I headed back, then heard the alarm again. That's when I remembered the couches in the lounge of the dorm I had been taking refuge in. So I laid down on the old smelly couch and finally drifted off to sleep at 6:50...and my phone alarm went off at 7 :(

Earlier on Friday night I finished a hat I had been working on. I made it using a pair of Wrangler work pants that I bought last year and had used the lower part of the legs just a patchwork purse. I was able to cut out enough pieces to make three hats. The pants are a khaki color and the "wrong" side is an off-white. I liked the look of both sides, so I ended up using both sides of the fabric. The other two hats are going to have the Wrangler "W" on the brim from the back pockets. There was a cowboy at the craft show who really like the hat and told everyone about how I made it from some old Wranglers!

Angela and I got to the craft fair at 8 and set up our booth. We were next to a girl, who we found out goes to our school, she was selling some really cool necklaces she made. We didn't sell anything for the first few hours, but by the end of the day we both sold $24 dollars worth (I know that's not much, but it was fun) and the necklace girl gave us both a necklace. Angela and I are both going to make something for her and we are going to try to all three get together some time next semester and do something crafty. This was the first year for the church to have a craft show, and that's why the sells were a little slow.

So now I'm trying to make it through Tuesday and then I'll be done with the semester and be able to relax! Oh and I found some Wishbone episodes on YouTube that I'm watching!

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