Thursday, December 11, 2008

Free at last

Anyway, I am free from school until January 8th! I'm pretty jazzed about having almost an entire month off. Then when I go back it will be my last semester...ever!

On my way home I didn't see the miniature horse I usually see standing outside of its fence...but I did see something else fun. I was driving along and I saw a big white thing squeezing underneath the guard rail to get on the road. My first thought was "man that is an ugly dog." I then realized that it was a goat. So I thought that some one's goat had gotten out. I looked down the little hill and saw at least 10 more goats. It was really funny to see all these goats just hanging out by the side of the road and squeezing under the guard rail when they were only about 2 feet from the end of it...maybe it was a "you had to be there" situations. I was going to take a picture but didn't want to get ran over.

My friend totally got me a Hanson tote bag for Christmas! It's so cool :)

I sold two hats on Tuesday to one of my teachers. She bought them for her nieces for Christmas presents. I don't want to have another post without photos. So here is a picture I took before the craft show of some of my zipper bags.

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Courtney said...

Did Mom tell you that when I come back for Christmas that I'll be staying for 2-4 weeks? There is a bridal fair in Tulsa on January 3 and then we will be going to florists and bakeries the next week or two. I would really love it if you would go to the bridal fair and maybe to some of the other places with us. :)

Congrats on getting to your final semester!! I can't wait to see my little sister graduate from college.