Sunday, December 21, 2008

(Almost) Back from the past

My family made it back from Silver Dollar City yesterday. We had a lot of fun. I rode some roller coaster in near freezing temps...made for a nice frozen face. I even filmed a ride on one of the coasters and the tree lighting; I'm working on getting them on youTube right now. We got back into town just in time to turn on the TV and catch a rerun of Discover Oklahoma, a Lawrence Welk Christmas episode, and an Andy Williams Christmas Special! Nothing like a little of the past to have a great time in the present.

Thursday night I was on the Silver Dollar City website checking the show schedules and other things. At the same time I was on facebook messaging a friend of mine. She was asking what we did at SDC and why I like going there so much. What I responded with sounded like something you would hear on an ad and that made me laugh. I always figure ads like that are scripted even if they say they aren't. I realized that I wanted to tell other people (especially people at SDC) how I much I like Silver Dollar CIty and what it means to me. So while I was on their website I click the contact link at the bottom and wrote a message saying just that. I figured even if the only person who reads it is the person getting paid to read the comments, it's still better then not telling anyone. When we got back I checked my email and in my inbox was a message from Renate in customer service. She wrote this response to me:

Thank you for your email. It sounds like Silver Dollar City holds many wonderful memories for you. We truly appreciate you taking the time to let us know about your experiences. Your email will be sent to the SDC management team and included in the SDC employee newsletter.
Have a very Merry Christmas"

That is so exciting! I'm glad that other SDC employees will get to hear how much they mean to me. Here is what they will read:

"I've been visiting Silver Dollar City multiple times every year since 1996. Today a friend asked me why I like going to SDC so much and I wanted to share what I said to her:
'It is because of Silver Dollar City that I like music, that I'm involved in photography, and every time I go it feels like going home. Whenever I'm there I just can't stop smiling!'
I tell a lot of people that SDC feels like a second home to me. All of my favorite childhood memories are from first roller coaster ride, meeting Chosen Few, being sung to at the nighttime show, etc.
I guess what I'm trying to say is 'thank you'. Thank you to all the caring 'citizens' at SDC, thank you to all the performers who give it their all in each performance, thank you to the tram-drivers, thank you to the Herschend family who started it all!
I'm headed to SDC later today and I can't wait! I know this will be another wonderful, memorable trip!"

I will be posting pictures from our trip later today or tomorrow.

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