Friday, December 19, 2008

Flashback Friday...24's that time of year again. Time to pack the duffel bag, put on the jackets, and gloves, and scarves, and head over the river and around the Silver Dollar City.

If you haven't read my blog long enough to notice...I LoVe Silver Dollar City! My family has gotten season tickets to SDC every year except one since 1996. SDC is the reason why I love music, where I got my start taking photos with the Barbie camera, and it just feels like a second home to me. SDC always had really great music to listen to and shows to watch and some pretty awesome rides too. As the years progress SDC has gotten a little more commercial, but it's still an amazing place. There's nothing better then going to a wholesome park (I hate the phrase "amusement park") and getting to step back in time for the day. The entire park is set in the late 1880s and the rides, employee attire, and the signage reflect that. Anyway, I'm getting carried away...

This morning my parents and I are packing up and heading out on our yearly Christmas time trip to SDC. I will hopefully return with lots of great pics to share. This is our first trip since I got my fancy smancy camera and I plan on using it...a lot!

So for today's Flashback Friday I want to share some pictures from past SDC Christmas trips.

December 2000

November 2001

December 2002

Sadly when I scanned photos these were the only ones from Christmas time that I did.

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Courtney said...

Man, I have changed.

I think you guys will be happy to hear that I am growing my hair out. Not a lot, but mostly the back so it's all about the same length. I won't be growing it to the length in those pics though. :)

Great Flashback Friday!! I always look forward to it.