Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas in Branson

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As you probably know, last Friday my parents and I headed to Branson to spend the day at Silver Dollar City. Refer to posts below if you really don't know yet how much I love that place.

We started the day at home getting off to a later start then usual. Dad drove to SDC while I slept and we got there about 2 pm.

When we first got to SDC I had to pause for the classic photo.

Once inside the park we saw the giant 5-story Christmas tree and there was a sleigh in front. We stopped for a photo-op.

Then we saw the mule drawn carriage and went for a ride.

Yes that is the same mule (Miss Bonnie), driver, and leader as last year, and like last year we were the second to last riders of the day.

There were beautiful decorations everywhere and like a bazillion lights (I don't feel like looking up the real number).

After walking around a bit we hit the Saloon show. We were told it was probably full, but we could wait in line just in case and we were 3 of the last 6 people in! We got seats in the balcony basically right over the stage.

After the show I headed off to ride rides while Mom and Dad shopped a little. It was COLD! You don't know cold until you've ridden a roller coaster in 34 degree weather. The highest the temp got was 44 and it just went down from there. Each ride had a certain temperature when it had to be shut down, so I planned my riding with the highest temps first and saved the one that closes at 32 degrees for last. After a few rides the sun started heading down and I was fascinated first by the sunset behind the silhouette of the roller coaster, then by the sunset through the trees.

That's when the City really became pretty. The train went by...

....and everything was lit up...

...including the 5-story tree.

I was inspired for this photo when I caught a glimpse before the camera auto-focused. I liked the way it looked so after taking that photo I turn my camera to manual and took this one.

These photos don't do any justice for how wonderful SDC looks all lit up, but this is as good as I can do...except with video :)


janadaugherty said...

I'm so glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas in Branson. We love to hear about our visitor's great experiences. Best of luck and happy new year from

Branson Shows said...

It looks like you went to a few of the Branson shows there!