Monday, December 15, 2008

Why do the sidekicks always get the short end of the stick??

We owe so much to Tonto. He's the one who thought up the idea of the mask and he even made it (pretty crafty I must say). Tonto named Silver. He even came up with the name "The Lone Ranger." But in the 1940 book The Lone Ranger and Tonto he is often referred to by the narrator as "the indian." Without Tonto the Lone Ranger would have died out there in the hot, dry desert and all those law breakers would have gone free. We owe it all to Tonto! We should rally for the duo to be renamed Tonto and that Lone Ranger guy!

*coughs* *clears throat* umm...I mean...thank you to Fran Striker for writing the book I'm reading and for those TV guys for putting it on the small screen for us to enjoy. *sheepish smile*

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