Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Duggar's are back

I managed to make it out of the building today and go to McDonald's and Wal-Mart. McDonald's officially righted the wrong from last time I ate there. I received the wrong order and didn't realize until I got back and then ended up with food poisoning. I sent an email to McDonald's and Hugh from the local McD's called me up and said I would get a free Big&Tasty. So dinner tonight was free!

After McD's I headed to Wal-Mart and roamed around for over an hour. I found some really cute fabric and stocked up on interfacing. I also bought some crochet thread to try out some hand weaving...yep I'm trying out yet another craft.

I got back to my room in time to realize that I had already missed 30 minutes of 17 Kids and Counting. But I didn't miss A Very Duggar Wedding! (I totally laughed as I typed that.)

As of this Tuesday the show will be 18 Kids and Counting.

Anyway, I'm going to watch more of the Duggar's and do some crafting...I'll update this later.

Update: Ok, so the wedding is over. The length of time between the proposal and the weddings was only 3 months and during that time Josh was in Arkansas and Anna was in Florida where she lives. They did get together with some of the oldest Duggar girls for about a week in which they spent 60 hours planning the wedding and making all the bridesmaid dresses. There were 10 bridesmaids and I believe 10 groomsmen. Written into the vows was something along the lines of they vow to trust in God to bless them will as many children as he wants them to have and in His get ready for the Duggar's-Generation II...all 24 of them. Ok, just kidding...a little.

Best quote in the show- "It's kinda like legos."


Courtney said...

Have you used any of the fabric we got you for your birthday?

MaryCatherine said...

I love that show! I watched the wedding too :) I can't imagine having that many children though...that's gotta be tough on that poor woman's body!

Anonymous said...

More Duggars? Good grief. I'm not sure how I'd feel about 17 siblings but wow, their house is amazing lol.

Steph (lovestitches from swapbot)

EnchantedMusing said...

i have to admit - i watch the duggars, too! i'm homeschooling my one daughter (we're the polar opposite of the duggar clan, in every way) - and yet i'm facinated by them! LOL i loved seeing the car wrapped up! i hadn't realized josh & anna hadn't seen each other and that it was only 3 months between proposal & wedding. WOW - those duggars move fast! LOL

enjoyed your blog - will soon check you on etsy!

pmking11(via swapbot)

sonia said...

That show is "interesting". lol. I can't imagine not even kissing before the wedding!