Friday, January 23, 2009

Thriftin' Again

I promised my friend David that we would go on a thrifting trip today. So after he got out of classes and I got off work we headed off to the local thrift shops. First we hit the 50 cent Friday & Saturday store. There we got a shirt for David and I got an 8-track tape which the guy threw in for free because he said it wasn't worth the quarter it was marked.

Then we headed to the Salvation Army where I found...a "brand new" sewing machine! I was surprised to see it marked only $5.50 since the rest of the machines there are $85 or more dollars (but the others are built into tables). I threaded the thing up and tested it on a piece of paper that was nearby, after confirming that the machine worked I snatched it up. Ok, there was no actual snatching, more like grunting and lifting because the thing weighs like 20-30 pounds.

While at SA Fashions (refer to earlier post) I found a couple of books, a cute camo jacket, and a headband and David found another shirt, a vase, and a suit jacket and vest (the pants were messed up). The lady working gave me the headband for free and only charged David for the shirt! So over all it was a great thrifting trip.

On Wednesday I had to get up super early to go interview the owner of Folger's drive-in, so afterward I hit the thrift store and found everything I was looking for! I got a nice pair of black Justin's boots, a cute black peasant-ish knee length skirt and a XL B&W print dress. Last night I cute the dress apart to make a really cute drape neck shirt using a tutorial I found quite awhile back. I wore it today, but didn't get a picture...I'll post one later.

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sonia said...

what a deal on that machine! i love thrift stores! My new favorite thing!