Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Vintage Fun

I'm well aware that title is an oxymoron :)

So I went thrifting today (how all my good days start) and I found a couple of great items that I liked but weren't quite right for me...but I bought them anyway :) I ended up listing them on my etsy along with some other previous impulse purchases. The reason I decided to dive into the relm of vintage is because my mom is always saying how I find the greatest things at "my" thrift store and she never finds anything good at "hers." So I figure why not share my store with everyone else...and people are making a boatload on etsy with their vintage crap. A pair of boots just like mine, even the same size, sold last week for $54...that's crazy!

Lemon Shoes

Justin Ropers

American Tourister Suitcase

**Suitcase to be listed later...still trying to figure out shipping on that one.


MaryCatherine said...

Ooh! I love those yellow shoes. Hey,I awarded you with a bloggy award...check my blog to see it. :)

jenny said...

give me nothing but the old stuff when it comes to things like this i'm so thare you cant go worng on a lot of things like this but now come on 54.00 for a pair of used boots? but then it go's to show you what some will do for the money others for what thay are wanting i got my boots i payed for no more then 5.00 each for a pairand thats at a 2nd hand store when thay dont have a 1/2 off day on shoes but on the days thay have 1/2 on boots and shoes well some times i pay no more then 1.00 a pair and yes i got a pair or 2 of boots just like the ones showed here and i got them well for 1.00 apair thats well most of my things come from the 2nd hand store but well i have not been to the store for now 2 mo and well i know i'm going to have to go to see what i can get