Monday, January 19, 2009


My thoughts are a little out of order the title suggests. To answer questions...Flashback Friday isn't happening anymore. That was a holiday bring-back kind of thing.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to ask for prayers. My friend David had a really bad seizure Saturday evening and can't remember anything that happened the rest of the night after it. He's scared since he hasn't had one that bad in over a year and he's even afraid to go to sleep thinking that he may wake up not remembering what happened tonight. Not only short term, but David is worrying about life in general now; he's unsure if he'll ever get to lead a normal life. It seemed like he had the seizures under control then this and he can't go see a neurologist about it until February 26th. Please pray for him both about his seizures and that he will have peace of mind.

**I did not tell him I was posting this...only that I was praying for him. But I figure the more prayers going his way, the better**

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Courtney said...

Chris suggested that maybe you were talking about the Hamburger King in your last post. Is he right?

That is so horrible about your friend. He's in my prayers!!