Monday, January 12, 2009

School...not so lame today

I had all intentions to get up at 11 with plenty of time to go eat lunch and go to the post office...didn't happen.  I somehow turned my alarm off in my sleep and I woke up at 2 pm.  That's ok though since my only class today wasn't until 3:30.  I had Video Production II and I think it's going to be a lot better then I first thought it would be.  Our first project is a video between 3 and 5 minutes long and it has to tell a story...that's the only requirements.  So my friend Ms. Waltman and I are going to do a package about a burger joint in town that is rumored to be closing.  It has been a staple for college students since it opened in 1935.  We are going to do our package so that it is like a news feature story and then once we are done I'm going to reedit it into 1:30 for my resume' tape, and that is why I'm so excited.  That is one of five packages for my resume' tape.

Anyway, the real reason why I started writing this post was to say how dumb my blog looks on these wide screened Macs in the lab.  It totally messes up the formatting and puts the wrong text by the wrong videos.  So I'm sorry if it looks all wonky on your computer...I format everything to where it looks right on mine...


Courtney said...

It looks like it always does.

What hamburger place are you talking about?

Courtney said...

No Flashback Friday?