Thursday, January 8, 2009

School, shoppin', and swappin'...and sale!

School started yesterday for me. I didn't realize how oddly my classes were scheduled until two days ago. I have costuming and make-up at 9:30, then an hour long break, then there is media programming, an hour break, and finally at 3:30 there is jazz dance. I didn't know what to do with all the open wasn't enough to go to the thrift store like I wanted to, but to long to just hang out in the lab.

Costuming class is still up in the air for me. It is a intro class and we will be starting with hand sewing, then sewing a hook and eye, followed by machine sewing in a straight line, etc. I may die of boredom. The teacher is at about the same sewing level that I am and the costume advisor doesn't know how to sew...he is actually taking the sewing labs with us. It could be fun or it could be torture...who knows. Make-up will definitely be hard for me since I have never used it.

My media programming teacher wants the comm students to start referring to each other by Mr., Miss, or Mrs. and their surname. She also wants us to look "presentable" every time we are in the department. She said this is to gear us up for the real world of media and because with the new fine arts building about to be completed there will be some big-wigs coming in and out of the department at any random time. Will she was telling us all this I realized I didn't know the name of half the people in the class, having never had classes with them before. This could be a little hard...
Jazz! *that was said with jazz hands* I have no absolute idea what jazz dance even looks like...but by the middle of the semester everyone in the class must choreograph a jazz dance and one of them will be performed in the spring concert. I am not a dancer and know nothing about choreographing...but the class sounds like fun anyway.

Ok, enough about school. (Mom and Dad most of that was for ya'll). Somehow it happened that Jeremiah *cough* Mr. Edwards and I don't have classes on Fridays. Eventually these will be filled with senior project stuff, but for today it is going to be for shopping! I was told yesterday that a bead store opened in town! So I'm going to go check that out, and hit the 50 cent clothes on Fri and Sat thrift store, the Salvation Army, Stitch and Sew, the dollar tree, and Wal-Mart...woo hoo for cheap-o shopping! I hope I find some awesome stuff and a birthday present for Mr. Edwards. Since we share the same birth day (give or take 6 years) we are having a joint birthday shindig this weekend!

Onward to the swapping! I am currently in some swaps over on swap-bot. I will be sending out some packages in the next couple of days...and this time I remembered to take photos first!

Here are the photos from a ribbon and matching buttons swap, photo swap (3 partners) and a random button swap.

Don't forget about the sale happening over on generation gap!


i am very mary said...

I'm a sucker for buttons! (using my jazz hands as I say it)

A glance at my world said...

*lets breath out* glad I'm not the only one who uses jazz hands :)