Saturday, January 10, 2009

*Some clever shopping title here*

Since I didn't have class yesterday I managed to drag myself out of bed at ten minutes 'til 1 pm...just in time to shower and make it to lunch with some friends. I ended taking two of my friends with me on my shopping adventure.

We first headed to the thrift store that has 50 cent clothes on weekends. I bought two tragic sweaters *disclaimer-I do not wear sweaters...I think they are terrible. When I say tragic I mean ugly* I also bought a valance for 10 cents that I'm wanting to use as an underskirt. I think it will look adorable peaking out from under a skirt.

My friend Kat bought some shirts to recon for herself and a cool belt.

We then headed off to the new bead store. It was in a mini mall that I somehow never noticed before. It was a pretty small place, but very cool. The lady who runs it gets old, ugly necklaces from some guy who buys them at garage sales by the bag or box. She then takes them apart for the unique beads in them. She also carries some new beads. I found some wooden beads I want to use in my hemp bracelets for 2 cents each, I got a parrot bead for 10 cents, 2 floral printed curved beads for 10 cents each, and 2 mini keys for 25 cents each.

Just before we left Alex pointed out a pendant bead carved from bone. I was drawn to it because it had an elephant carving and I LoVe elephants! I ended up buying if for $1.

Then came the Salvation Army...or SA Fashions as the cool lady that works there said jokingly. Kat found her some rockin' bright purple snakeskin ankle boots for 40 cents and a purple suit bag for $2. I found an old copy of The Red Badge of Courage and got it for 50 cents because I haven't been able to find my beautiful red hardback copy in years. I also came across a little carry-on suitcase...not sure what decade it's from...for $1.50. I'm wanting to decoupage it with vintage pattern pictures like some I saw over on flickr.

Then it was to the fabric store for some lace, ribbon, and buttons. The dollar store for some cards. We headed to Bedre' chocolates...that's where I ended up finding Jeremiah a birthday present. And finally we headed to Wal-Mart... The whole trip took 3 hours...but it was fun!


Rachel M. said...

Those were some expensive beads! you should try for larger quantities of beads for less than a penny each sometimes.

Courtney said...

You have GOT to take me shopping with you sometime so I can find these cheap deals. My favorite things that you bought is the adorable valence, the miniature keys (if you make jewelry to sale out of those, please give me first dibs), and the suitcase.