Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alarms and Dancing

**Totally posted this first without a title...didn't know that was now I have given it a pretty lame title just so it has one**

Anyone remember this slightly bitter post from last semester?? The one I wrote in the early morning hours while taking refuge in the hallway of the neighboring dorm building while the fire alarm was going off in mine. Well it happened again last night right around midnight, but only lasted about 10 minutes. However both false alarms happened on nights when it was around freezing outside...lame. Anyway enough on that.

Spring Break is next week!! Somehow I lucked out and don't have any classes today and only two on Thursday...then I'm officially on Spring Break. Today at noon I'm going to be at a performance of a Chickasaw dance troupe. I'm planning on toting along an HD camera for some video footage for my next production project and my digital camera so I can get some shots for myself just because I love Native American culture, regalia, etc. The event is supposed to be outside, but the temperature dropped over 40 degrees last night so I'm hoping it will be moved to the alternative "rain" location.

I'm totally rambling...I'm going to stop now.

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