Sunday, March 22, 2009


As promised here are some photos of my finished dress! The dress was made for costuming class using a pattern I found in the shop from the early 60s. I got the teal fabric on the $1.50 shelf at Wal-Mart and I love it...there is a slight stretch to it so it was nice to work with. The pattern features a pleated area on the left shoulder and a ton of pleating around the waist that I had to repleat like 4 times. This was the most complicated pattern I've ever worked on, but I'm really proud of the outcome! I also made a petticoat from an old sheet and some bridal toile so the dress will stand out a little.

Then I couldn't resist posing for a classic Donna Reed type moment :)

I'll be wearing the dress to class on Thursday then turning it in to be graded. Jordan has promised to take me on a fancy date so I can wear it when I get it back!

*Thanks mom for taking the photos!*

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Courtney said...

I'm still amazed that you made that dress. It's so adorable. If you didn't already have a dress for the wedding you could totally wear that.