Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm trying...

...really hard to keep this thing updated, but school is about to kick my butt. I graduate in 24 days and between now and then I have to read Hamlet and design costumes and make-up for three of the characters, write a comparative analysis paper for media programming, edit a 30 second and 60 second commercial, shoot and edit a final video project that has to be longer then 5 minutes, write a case study paper over Dr. Quinn, finish choreographing and memorizing our dance, take 2-3 tests, an epic kickball game to play with the Video II class, plan one banquet, attend two one, drive to Tulsa and attend OAB convention Friday, dance in the spring dance concert Friday and Saturday night...oh and finish my portfolio and convince the bigwigs that I should get a pass on senior project so I can graduate. There's a photoshoot and a music video shoot we're trying to work in and I'm wanting a trip to Branson...we'll see if that happens.

So I'm going to bed now...no class tomorrow so that means a full day of editing, writing, dance practice, then the honors banquet with Jordan because he's the president of the honors association.

Oh...today is mine and Jordan's two month-iversary!

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