Monday, April 6, 2009

A Little Reading

On Friday Angela, Alex, and I road tripped to the Medieval Faire. Then Saturday we headed off to McAlester to spend the rest of the weekend at Angela's house. It was a fun weekend full of pirates, photo shoot, pets, pie, and phun...ok, just trying to go with the "p" thing. Anyway, it was a really fun weekend and we got in a lot of much needed girl time.

Since the three of us are kind of nerds we spent a good portion of the time in McA reading or talking about books. We hit wikipedia and found out that J.K. Rowling (who truly has no middle name) and Stephenie Myers were both 31 when their first popular book came out. Random I know... I didn't take along a book so I ended up reading the rough edit manuscript to the book Angela is writing. (Angela is my partner in crime from the costume shop who can be seen here). I knew it would be good just because I know Angela's style...but I was amazed at how good it was! It's titled Rook and Shadow and it's a great story that has a fairy, princess, bandits, and all the things a good story should. During the car ride Angela talked about a couple of music videos we're about to start working on and we came up with the cover art for Rook and Shadow! We are going to be shooting some of it in the next week or two...I'll try to get a preliminary shot to put on here. So yeah, be prepared because in a year or two Rook and Shadow will be the next big thing.

After I read Angela's manuscript I got all nostalgic and started reading a Henry Reed book :)

There are pics of the Medieval Faire coming soon and some from the photo shoot will be up as soon as I get them from Angela.

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