Thursday, October 8, 2009


This video is a clip from the East Central University Centennial Celebration- A Day in the Life. The production went through the history of ECU’s first 100 years and included things such as the elephant buried on campus, the streaker (which actually happened on campus in the 70s), and lots of other fun things. I didn’t attend the actual event (because I was in Branson!!) but thanks to youTube I got to watch the whole thing- even the proposal that went down in the middle of it.

This clip is from when the school fight song became official. Nothing like a bunch of band kids running in front of the camera for a good time :)

Random tidbits-
-If I was still in school I would be in the section right in front of the camera
-The deep voice you hear saying “E-C-U” the first two times is my ex-boyfriend
-I am unable to listen to the fight song without singing along
-I never really had a lot of school spirit…but I like this because it’s nostalgic

*Video is a bit loud so you might want to turn your volume down a little

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