Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Have you ever noticed that it's easier to be polite in the first place then to have to eat your words later? Or am I the only person who thinks this way?

Often I see where people jump right into an argument without thinking things through...then when all the facts are laid out and the person's point is proven wrong or was wrongly concluded the person is left trying to fumble for a comeback.

I have encountered multiple situations lately where it would have been easy (and to be honest more desirable in that moment) to send messages to some specific companies containing several explanation marks and accusing words. But I kept my cool and played it safe...thank goodness. One situation was about how my videos were being used on a website. It appeared to be that someone pretending to be me and posting my videos...sounds illegal right? After contacting the website manager it was explained that it is legal...blah blah blah. *Blogged about on Whitney Sews if you want to know more* Throughout the entire process I used nice words and said things like 'thank you for your time' because I know I will get a better response and more respect...and it's just safer because having to send that one last email after you know you've made a complete fool of yourself with everything you said isn't fun.

Another recent situation was with a purchase through I ordered a CF card for my camera and received something different then what was in the listing picture. I emailed the company but was very polite about everything. It would have been easy to get very angry about receiving something other then what the listing showed and fly off the handle in my email. But it would have resulted in me having to eat my own words and feeling stupid. After a response email and a quick call to Sandisk it was confirmed that I did in fact receive the correct product, just a newer version with a new label.

So I guess my point is that I go into every contact I make, whether with a business or just a person, with respect. I keep things nice and friendly, even if I'm having to make a complaint. It's a lot easier to earn respect in the first place then to have to try and regain someones respect afterward.

*Now for some ranting...*
The same is true on youTube. I'm appalled sometimes by the horrible comments I see left on videos I watch. People will complain about unimportant things or pick fights over nothing (usually with really crappy grammar/spelling!) Whenever I leave a 'controversial' comment on youTube I make sure I research it and have my facts right (like the percentage comment I blogged about a while back). I do this because I see every youTube comment, email, facebook wall post, etc. as a reflection of me. People can trace me back and judge me and my character based on the things I wrote. I don't want to be judged by comments like 'this vido is crapp !' or 'you're produt was the wrong 1!' and why the heck would anyone else want to be known by that??

So the point of my late night, can't sleep, ramblings is maybe we should try to have a little more respect in our daily communication. Instead of jumping on people wait and hear it out...maybe everything really is the same underneath that new label. And while we're at it why not carry that same respect into the rest of our how we communicate with family, friends, coworkers... Ok, now that is another topic entirely...see what happens when I can't sleep and decide to blog?!?

**Side note...for those of you with a facebook who are job hunting. I hope you realize that potential employers have ways of looking at your facebook (no matter how secure you think your settings are) so if you have anything on there you wouldn't want your boss, grandma, etc. seeing then you better take it off. It could stand between you and the job you want. -Will now get off my lecture soapbox and stop repeating what I heard my professors say so many times-**


Hannah Joy Davis said...

Good post Whitney. You're a very patient person! Good job and good point(s) :)

Courtney said...

I agree. Even though I am an extremely sarcastic person, I try to start every first encounter with someone being very polite until they are rude first.

For instance, JCPenney and ECU Alumni Association recently gave out my information to third parties. I have been really nice in trying to sort it out, even though I was screaming inside. I still haven't resolved it though. JCP is saying that they only gave my info to their partner (an insurance company) and ECU Alumni Association hasn't returned my call yet.