Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The holidays are upon us

~The cold weather is rolling in and unlike the usual up and down weather conditions in my area, it's just cold now.
~Yesterday some carolers came into the cafeteria and sang Christmas carols.
~Only three more days before the break.

These things made me realize that Christmas is approaching and I have done absolutely no Christmas shopping so far...I'm usually done by the week after Thanksgiving. Not only have I not started shopping, but I have no ideas on what to buy. I am planning on making my mom's gift (I can't say what it is because she reads my blog sometimes...Hi mom!) but I guess I'll be hitting the stores pretty hard after finals week.

Speaking of finals (you're probably getting tired of hearing about them huh?) I'm putting off writing a paper right now. Umm...can I use the claim that this is a brainstorming/pre-writing exercise for my paper?!? *Coughs* *Clears throat* Economy. There I mentioned the topic of my paper, so it counts. :)

I started knitting another scarf today. It is going to be sage green and pale blue. I found the yarn at Wal-Mart and thought it was too pretty not to get. I know that sense it only cost $2.04 each it can't be that good of quality, but I don't care I'm still in the practicing stage.

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