Friday, May 30, 2008

Silver Dollar City Adventure...Part 1

It took a little longer to get out of town on Thursday then we thought it would. The builders came by and were marking to lay the foundation for the new house! After getting everything on track we got on the road...then stopped to get dad a new drivers license. Then we were really on the road.

We always get to go through mine and mom's favorite towns, Crane and Aurora. They're just the perfect looking little towns (you can't really beat a town whose school says "Aurora Middle School Home of the Houn Dawgs").

Here's dad on the phone on the way to Branson.

We got to Silver Dollar City and as we were walking in mom and I were talking about how many people were there, etc. and I said "but the ultimate question is are the Duggars' here?" (The Duggars are a family from Arkansas with 17 children and 1 more on the way. They're been on the news and TV alot and were interviewed by the news anchor at KOTV that I know. They were at SDC the last time we were there.) Not even 2 minutes after I had said that to my mom we rounded a corner and there they were! Mom said I must by psychic :)

Since we're building a house my mom wanted me to take pictures of some of the landscaping type things for ideas for our yard. Here's a couple of cool things.

We rode a few rides. My parents stopped to listen to the Cajun Connection and I kept riding rides. Since most of the local schools are almost out there were a lot of kids there on school trips and they were rowdy! I started talking to the guy next to me in line more or less about how crazy all the kids were acting. He was really nice and come to find out he thought I was his age...14. That happened many more times over the course of the trip; some kids thought I was as young as 12. Do I really look THaT young?!?

Then it was time for the night time show; my favorite part! Continued in part 2.

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