Saturday, May 31, 2008

Silver Dollar City Adventure...Part 2

Ok, so it was ready for the night time show. I almost always manage to get a front row seat, my family jokes that it's because I take people out with my backpack...that may be true :) So really, no one has ever been injured in my efforts for the front and center seat. I always go for that spot because sometimes the singers will pick someone out of the audience to sing to or for some silly skit or something. I've been wanting to be picked for 10 years and the one time we were late (dad got pulled over for speeding) we sat on the fourth row and I got to sing in the mic on a blues brothers song. Then last year I was the one! Clint (a fellow okie) sat down next to me and sang to me! So this time I sat in my usual spot and during intermission went up and talked to Clint. He was really nice and we were talking about Oklahoma and different things and had a really great conversation.

The show was really good. There are 12 singers/dancers, the mc, and the Time Machine Band. Every time I go to SDC I still get that desire to want to be on the stage with the rest of the performers...even though I know it will never happen. I've pretty much settled now for just working there as a technician when I graduate, then I would get to see the show like every night!

After the show my dad managed to find a ton of people who live within 15 miles from us and someone who knows his sister-in-law. He always manages to find people like that. One person will say they're from Oklahoma and someone else says "where abots?" and it all snowballs. When we finally got away we headed into Branson to look at the Branson city lights (every time I say that the tune Kansas City Lights runs through my head). We made it to Ripley's and hit traffic, so we turned around. (Remember that these photos were taken from a moving vehicle at night).

Continued in part 3.

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