Saturday, May 31, 2008

Silver Dollar City Adventure...Part 3

Now on to the second day of our Branson trip. Mom and dad decided to drop me off at Silver Dollar City and then go into town to do some shopping. Dad walked me in (I was using a free ticket so a season pass holder had to go in with me). On the way in we stopped at the GAC bus. (GAC is some channel on cable and they sponsor the night time show now.) I got to make a request for a music video, so if you get that channel then watch it sometime and you may see me!

Once I was in the park I went to the Saloon Show. I was a little disappointed in it because it was the same show as last year except like two jokes was changed :(

After that I hit the rides hard and heavy. The plan was to start at the back of the park and work my way back to the front. So I began with the roller coaster Powder Keg. There's one thing I really love about Silver Dollar City; it's like a big family. I think it's because it's such a laid back place. The workers are nice and people visiting are cool because they're just glad to not be at work. Starting at Powder Keg I began making friends, chatting with people in line and with the workers. By my third time through one of the worker's was joking with me saying "See ya' in a little bit" because he knew I'd be back through the line soon. There are also people who I happen to stand in line with a couple of different times and we chat while waiting to get on a ride. It was the same way with the giant barn swing; I made friends the entire way. I think Wildfire was the most fun though. It has been my favorite ride for a long time. (I'm kind of a lightweight and I don't latch the shoulder bar down quite as far as it should go so when I go down the first hill I actually life out of my set. Don't worry, the pressure clicks the shoulder bar down then.) Every time I got off the ride I would run back around to get back on. I felt like a kid again :) Anyway, there was a guy named Robert working there who I would talk to each time I got back on. I guess my whole point is that going to SDC is like going to a family reunion, only better! I can never stop smiling while I'm there :)

My last time on Wildfire I took my camera with me even thought it's not allowed. And I filmed the entire ride to share with everyone on here. WARNING: If you are prone to motion sickness then you might not want to watch it :)

Ok, last photo...I wanted to show the church where I want to get married. It was built in 1849 near Bear Creek in Branson and in the 1960s it was carefully taken apart and rebuilt in its current location at Silver Dollar City.

After I got all my roller coster riding done my parents picked me up and we headed back home.

To Do After Graduation:
Get a job at SDC!

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