Monday, August 25, 2008

Puting my stamp on things

I must confess something about my weekends. When I'm at school I always intend on doing homework, cleaning, and just getting a lot of things accomplished...and it never happens. In fact this weekend I did NO homework *there is a paper due tomorrow*. Instead I crafted like there was no tomorrow.

I made a ton of covered buttons from a bunch of scrap fabric I had, a zippered bag, recycled envelopes, a little box made from paper, and five stamps that I hand carved from erasers. I've been wanting to do some more printing/stamping since I pulled out my lino cut from high school a few months ago. On Thursday I found a speedball carving set at the campus book store. I spent hours yesterday looking at pictures on flickr (I searched handmade stamp and got 6,995 results!) and made some totally cool stamps. So what do you think of them?? Any suggestions of other stamps I should make?? There is definitely an orca coming soon and hopefully a set of converse all stars.


Janet said...

Very cute stamps. Now get to work on that paper!

Rasberryswrlgirl said...

That's so cute. I especially like the little elephant one.

Greta Adams said...

you know i heart skulls and so that one is my fav {wink}
how about a mushroom cute